Watch this video and more on Movement by Lara

Watch this video and more on Movement by Lara


  • Foundation 2

    Layering on top of the concept of a neutral pelvis, this series brings more attention to the shoulder girdle, an important step for helping your practice be both strong and sustainable. The framing of the house, your body, will become sturdier and more powerful. Feel the shift as you enhance the ...

  • Foundation 3

    Push off the building blocks to maintain and expand the energetic current in your body! This class moves you in bigger ways to lift your spirit and challenge the integration of your stabilizing muscles.

  • Foundation 4

    Now that the house is built - turn the lights on! Learn all of the sun salutations that Lara incorporates in her daily practice - including her signature sun salutation L. You can use this as a tutorial to return to as a refresher or as a stand-alone heated and sunny class!