Meet Kristin Williams, PT! Kristin is an outpatient physical therapist and board-certified orthopedic specialist. She began attending vinyasa-style yoga classes as a matter of research. She was puzzled by the number of yoga-related injuries she was treating. Kristin immediately fell in love with the practice, which meshed well with her passion for dance and movement. A desire to teach followed soon after being introduced to the LYT™ method, and she began incorporating yoga into her patients’ treatment programs. The results she received were astounding! Kristin aims to empower students with the knowledge that yoga is not only excellent exercise but good for rehabilitation and injury prevention.

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  • 1 - Upper Body Stretch

    We are going to be working with just the upper body for this portion of the therapeutics series. You will learn about what Physical Therapists consider to be normal in the muscles and joints. You can use these techniques to create a weekly assessment. The more you stretch, the better you feel. S...

  • 2 - Lower Body Stretch

    In this class we will work on lower body stretching and anatomy. We will do a warm up - you don't want to stretch cold muscles. This will mainly work your lumbar spine, lats, hips, and all the way down to our feet.

  • 3 - Balls To The Wall

    We are going to start low and slow and then begin to progress our use of the ball, focusing on our core. We will get the full core involved - from the scapula to the low back. Use this class to your ability - you can do just the beginning part and work your way up to the end, or you can go balls ...

  • 4 - Keep On Track

    We will work on hip hinging for proper patellofemoral joint tracking! The knee cap sits in a groove of your thigh bone and we want that to track up and down. If it starts to slip out to the side, it can cause rubbing and friction and eventually wear and tear. Focusing on the the glutes and hips w...

  • 5 - Block and Tackle Your Back Pain

    We are working with the low back today. I see so many patients with low back pain, and I end up transitioning them to yoga. I love using blocks to make modifications for back pain. We will begin by mobilizing the back and the thoracic spine. I'll also cover nerve tension and how that can affect y...

  • 6 - Release Your Neck

    Today we are working on our neck and head. I see a lot of patients that suffer from tension headaches and neck pain. If you sit all day or work at a computer, it can build up tension. This flow will help you with these common issues and you will also learn about the cervical spine and the muscle...